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Bottle 1097 - Viking Longship
Date Added: 01 November 2013

This is a Viking Long ship from the 800s sailing on the coastal seas of England on a raiding mission. The ship has a single mast and one main sail square rigged. The sail has both seam lines, reef lines, and the emblem of the Middle Kingdom printed on the face of the sail, the reef lines were hand drawn on the back of the sail. The rigging is set for the longship to run before the wind. The warrior’s shields line she hull, as the Dragon head prow cuts the waters towards the Vikings unsuspecting target.
Type: Viking Longship   Maker's Name: Lemke, Christopher
Category:   Made Where: Vine Grove, Kentucky
Bottle Size: ½ Gallon   Year Made: 2010
Bottle Type: Decanter  

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Christopher Lemke, Artist

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Bottle ID: 1098