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Bottle 1086 - HMS Bounty at Tahiti 1788
Date Added: 01 August 2013

This is a diorama showing the HMS Bounty as it approaches Tahiti in October 1788. The original HMS Bounty, also known as HM Armed Vessel Bounty, was a small merchant vessel purchased by the Royal Navy for a botanical mission. The ship was sent to the Pacific Ocean to acquire breadfruit plants and transport them to British possessions in the West Indies. That mission was never completed, as disagreements between Lieutenant William Bligh and his acting Sailing Master, Fletcher Christian, led to a revolt by half of the crew and their seizure of the vessel on 28 April 1789, leading to the Mutiny on the Bounty. This model of the Bounty is built in a 1/300 scale is a very accurate representation of the original Bounty. The ship has three masts and 11 sail. The hull is has planking and channels for the shroud lines. Below the bowsprit is a masthead. The deck is laid with individual planks. It is equipped with four 4-pounder (1.8 kg)[7] cannons and ten swivel guns. There is a ships' helm with rigging for the keel. On the deck are hatches, cabins, capstan, lifeboat, stove pipe, bow grating, two stern lanterns, racks and belaying pins. The ship has a crew of 17 officers and sailors on deck going about their various chores. The model has very accurate standing rigging with shrouds and ratlines and the running rigging is highly detailed. The island of Tahiti is in the background. The decanter is sealed with a tapered stopper with "HMS Bounty, at Tahiti, 1788" on top. Under the sea inside the bottle are the words "HMS Bounty at Tahiti, October 1788, Artist: Greg N. Alvey, 7/13/2013 Owensboro, KY." It is also signed in cursive "Greg N. Alvey."
Type: HMS Bounty at Tahiti 1788   Maker's Name: Alvey, Greg
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Owensboro, KY
Bottle Size: 11" x 7 1/4"   Year Made: 2013, July
Bottle Type: Decanter