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Bottle - Double Winder Whimsey in a Bottle
Date Added: 25 July 2018

This is an amazing 125-150 year old folk art, whimsy built in a bottle with a very unusual double yarn winder. One of the winders is built in a vertical position while the other in a horizontal position. The vertical winder has red yarn wrapped around the four decoratively carved arms and continues upward where it goes around the decorative arms of the horizontal winder and finally to the original yarn ball which lies across one of the winder arms. The vertical winder is mounted on a center post that extends from the base to the top of the horizontal winder. The center post has an ornately carved structure built around it with carved posts and notched slats. On the back of the post is a carved axe and sword positioned crisscross with each other. They are secured to the post with a peg going through them into the post and another wooden peg through that peg. The center post is secured with a cork in the bottom of the neck of the bottle holding it in place. A second cork is used to seal the bottle. The winders and carvings are in great condition with no damage at all but the bottle does has some hazing that is not unusual in a bottle with this age and type of construction. The square bottle is marked "Joseph Fleming, No 84 Market St, Pittsburgh PA" embossed on one side. The bottle is 9 3/8" Tall by 3 1/8"x 3 1/8" wide. A bottle with the full name "Joseph Fleming" and "No. 84 Market Street" was made between the years 1858 and 1884 according to an internet search on this company's name.
Type: Double Winder Whimsey in a Bottle   Maker's Name: G.H.
Category: Winders   Made Where: United States
Bottle Size: 9 3/8" x 3 1/8"   Year Made: 1858 - 1884
Bottle Type: Joseph Fleming, No 84 Market St, Pittsburg PA