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Bottle 1020 - Ship Diorama
Date Added: 02 December 2012

This diorama contains a large ship with three masts sailing near land as it moves out to sea. The scene has the figure of a large man standing on the ship's deck with a drawn sword. There are two large ducks swimming near the ship. On land is a large lighthouse and two palm trees. It was made common tools and materials including a spoke form a bicycle, tooth picks, threads, and glue. The bottle is 290mm x 70mm x 65mm and the diameter of the neck opening is 22mm.
Type: 3 masted Ship   Maker's Name: Ramsai, S
Category:   Made Where: Tamilnadu, India
Bottle Size: 290mm x 70mm x 65mm   Year Made: 2011, August
Bottle Type: Johnnie Walker