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Bottle 1017 - Fans Crosses and Birds in Bottle
Date Added: 09 March 2015

This is an amazing bottle made by Adam Selick from the Pittsburg, PA area. The bottle is dated "1894" on one side of a tamper proof crossbar in the wooden shaft sealing the bottle. On the other side of the cross piece is the name of the maker "Adam Selick." Inside the bottle are 7 wooden fans in different sizes and styles. Four of the fans are on the top level of the bottle with two fans positioned opposite each other and slightly higher then the other two fans. Between these fans are two mallets positioned between the fans. Between the slightly lower fans are two large birds mounted to the side of the upright center pole. The top level is supported by two round columns covered in printed paper. On the lowest level are fans on three of the sides and a large cross on the fourth side. The cross is also covered in printed paper, On each of the cross are two much smaller crosses painted in a pale red. On top of the cross is another wooden mallet.
Type: Selick Fans Crosses and Birds in Bottle   Maker's Name: Selick, Adam
Category: Whimsey   Made Where: Pittsburgh, PA
Bottle Size: 9 5/8" x 3 1/8"   Year Made: 1894
Bottle Type: Unknown  

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