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Bottle 1001 - Claira Bertha Lukofsky Gift
Date Added: 12 September 2012

This is a wonderful "Find the Missing Man" Saloon bottle. This bottle was given from the artist, Carl Worner, to a 16 year old girl, Claira Bertha Lukofsky. He had taken a liking to her when she was working in a bar cleaning in Southwest Detroit. She always described Mr. Worner as "an old wino." The bar was on the corner of McGraw and Addison and thought to be on the Northeast corner. The current owner of the bottle, now in his mid-60’s, was given the bottle by his grandmother, (the 16 year old girl) in the 70’s before her death. The story was consistantly told to him by his Grandmother throughout his childhood. The bottle itself is a very rare Grandpa’s Rye Whiskey bottle. This bottle shows a bartender behind the bar, and three patrons; two standing at the bar, and one seated at a small table in front of the bar. A fifth "missing" man is seen in a privy in the rear bottom section of the bottle. The word "Saloon" is on a sign in front of the bar, and "Find the Missing Man" is printed in the section under the floor of the bar.
Type: Claira Bertha Lukofsky Gift   Maker's Name: Worner, Carl
Category: Figures   Made Where: Detroit, MI
Bottle Size: 12" x 3 1/2"   Year Made: 1905 - 1910
Bottle Type: Grandpa's Rye Whiskey