Cross and Symbols
Date Added: 15 February 2006
This is a bottle with a cross and religious symbols built inside. The cross is very well carved with the top and ends of the cross arm extending out like a capital "T". This is referred to as a "cross pattée" (*see definition) The cross is also carved with the bottom 1/3 wider than the rest. The cross arm is mounted to the upright piece in a very different way. Rather than the typical mortise and tendon, this on is put on so that on the front the joint is in a horizontal position while in the back the joint is in a vertical position. The entire cross is outlined in green. It also has green on the front of the cross where the cross arm joins the upright in a oblate shape with the center painted or colored in a gold/yellow. The cross is pegged to a base in the shape of a "+". The base is also outlined in the same green color used on the cross. On the front of the base is are three blue colored wooden nails. Behind the nails is a pair of blue painted pliers. On the base to the right side of the cross is a blue colored sponge at the end of a long pole. Behind the sponge is a rooster perched on top of a carved chalice. The rooster had features pained on is the same green color used throughout the bottle. On the left side of the cross is a spear on a long pole. The tip of the spear is painted blue. Behind the spear is a hammer with the head painted blue. On the back of the cross is a ladder with 6 rungs, each painted in blue and a turned pedestal with the base and the top painted in blue. Under the base are letters in green that are unreadable. These letters possibly identifies the maker of this bottle. The bottle is sealed with a wooden shaft that tapers inside the bottle. The tapered part is outlined in green. There is supposed to be a crosspiece going through this shaft making it impossible to remove the stopper but that piece is broke. Outside the bottle is a darker wooden dome shape top. The bottle needs to be restored. Loose in the bottle are 2 nails, the pliers, the spear, the hammer, thepedestal and the cross. All pieces are in the bottle and in good condition. * A cross pattée (also known as a "cross pattee", "cross patty" or "cross formy") is a type of cross that has arms which are narrow at the center, and broader at the perimeter. The name comes from the fact that the shape of each arm of the cross was thought to resemble a paw (French patte).
Type: Cross and Symbols   Maker's Name:
Category: Religious   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 5 1/2" x 2"   Year Made: 1920 - 1940
Bottle Type: Unidentified