Belguim Passenger Ferry Diorama
Date Added: 01 December 2014
This is a scene of an Belgium passenger ferry coasting past a town built atop rocky cliffs. The ferry has a solid black hull with many white port windows painted on. There are multiple deck levels made in high detail. The deck cabins are painted white with many rectangular ports around the decks. The main cabins have several details and features. There are two well-proportioned and detailed masks with a single yard on each. The rigging is well done and the flag of Belgium hangs from the stern mast rigging. Toward the front of the top deck is a large smoke stack painted black on the top and yellow on the bottom. There are six lifeboats painted white with black lines for the covers. The pilots cabin is very well done and in multiple sections. There is detailed railing around several sections in the mid and stern areas of the ship. Inside the back of the bottle is a realistically painted light blue sky with white clouds. There are seven buildings including a church and town hall. All are painted white, full of windows, and red roofs. There is a large lighthouse on the end of the land. The water is greenish with wake. A small sailboat trail the ferry. The bottle is sealed with a cork and the whole top and part of the neck is painted in light blue. There use to be regular passenger ferry service between Ostend, Belgium and Dover, England. Crew members made these ships in bottles to pass the time.
Type: Belguim Passenger Ferry Diorama in a Bottle   Maker's Name:
Category: Liners   Made Where: Belgium
Bottle Size: 10 1/4" x 2 3/4"   Year Made: 1950s
Bottle Type: Johnny Walker Scotch