Date Added: 13 July 2008
This is a very difficult and well made model of a windmill inserted in the bottle so that the windmill covers the bottle entrance. The windmill is built in a mushroom shape and is the color of light stone. The windmill has four yellow fan blades. On the back of the windmill is a wooden frame or support in natural dark wood. The windmill sits on a grassy area. The bottle is turned upside down so that the base of the windmill is covering the small bottle neck making it very difficult to build but makes a wonderful display. The neck of the bottle rests on a natural wood base that is also carved and built to resemble the fan blades of the windmill.
Type: Windmill Scene   Maker's Name: Lynch, Andrew
Category: Structure   Made Where: Cape Coral, Florida
Bottle Size: Unidentified   Year Made: 1990's
Bottle Type: Unidentified